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Write For Us At Happistar Slots!

Are you looking for a platform where you can put your gambling experience to use? Well, here’s the perfect platform for you! HappiStar is looking for guest authors who can provide valuable insights into the world of gambling. So, if you have a knack for gambling, this is your chance to express.

HappiStar is a reputed online casino website. It has everything you need to know about the exciting virtual gambling industry. From playing guides to global gambling news, you will find well-researched, authentic information on this platform.

This platform is equipped to transform amateurs into well-informed players through its informative content. Furthermore, all the information available on the website has been vetted by industry professionals and casino veterans. So, we’d like to add to this vast network with your valuable contribution. 

We are open to writers who are well-versed with different gambling topics. As we offer an array of online gambling services, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, to help you decide, here are some of the services we provide:

  • Online Live Casino News
  • Sports Betting (NBA, NFL, Cricket, MMA, etc.)
  • Real Money Games (Roulette, Baccarat, Keno, Vegas Slots, etc.)
  • FIshing Games
  • Slots 
  • Horse Racing
  • Gambling Guides
  • Virtual Sports

As you enter our magical world of online gambling, we’re sure you’ll come across tons of exciting topics to write about. 

Why You Should Write For Us 

Guest blogging is the perfect way for you to explore different areas of writing. Moreover, it is also a great way of promoting your work or a personal blog. Writing for an online casino platform gives you the chance to earn real followers since millions of users access the platform.

Some Writing Guidelines 

  • It is vital to use proper and grammatically sound English.
  • The blog is meant to entertain and inform readers. It should not have a promotional tone.
  • Plagiarised content is not allowed.
  • We expect articles of a minimum of 400 words.
  • We reserve the copyright to the articles you submit. Please refrain from submitting/posting them elsewhere.

Can I include links to my blog?

Yes, you may include one backlink in your guest blog. Please avoid linking to competitor websites.

Is it okay to add images?

We welcome creativity in all forms. If you’d like to attach images, you’re free to do so! However, please ensure that the images are high-quality and do not infringe on any rights. We recommend using Pexels or Unsplash for images.

Formatting Guidelines

We accept guest blogs in the form of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PDFs, HTML, etc.  Please ensure that the text is well-spaced and written in a formal font. We also appreciate the use of subheadings, bulleted or numbered lists, and statistics. These make blogs more informational and interesting.

When will my blog get uploaded to the website?

We ensure that each article meets our high-quality standards. We screen every submission before putting it up on our website. The proofreading and editing process may take 2-5 business days. After approval, we shall upload your blog to our page.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

We recommend collaborating with the marketing team to learn about the terms and conditions related to sponsored or advertising posts.

How to submit the blog?

This is a simple process. You just need to email the blog to [email protected] If you need help, you may reach out to our editorial team.