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Real Money Gambling Explained

While some hardcore online gamblers might be aware of the term, real money gambling isn’t a commonly seen term. It can be confusing for those new to the online gambling world. However, it is essential to understand what real money gambling is before delving headfirst into the online casinos.

What is Real Money Gambling?

Real money gambling is quite simple. Any transaction where players deposit their money to place a wager or play a game to gain a reward is known as real money gambling. You wouldn’t require a definition if online gaming didn’t have other options.

Generally, people assume that there has to be an exchange of money to gamble. However, online gambling also allows you to play with virtual money, with no need for actual funds to  moneybe exchanged.

How Does it Work?

Real money gambling is usually seen as a loophole in countries like Japan, where gambling is illegal. In Japan, physical casinos and Japan-based online casinos are banned. However, this is said to be changing soon.

The loophole is for Japanese citizens to play in online casinos that are offshore and not Japanese. All that is needed is for the player to account on a legitimate online casino website, deposit funds, and start playing!

The money that a player would deposit is not a fee. Much like a physical casino, you’re gambling your own money. Any winnings would then be deposited back into your account in the timeline that the site specifies. This could be anywhere between 1-7 business days.

Why is it Popular?

The popularity of real money gambling has exploded. With physical casinos and Japan-based online casinos being banned, players have no option but to turn to other sites.

Apart from the legal aspects, real money gambling has a lot of different advantages. For one, it is a lot more accessible, since you can play anywhere in the world. Some online casinos even have mobile apps to access!

Another benefit of online casinos is the sheer choice. The choice exists in terms of the number of online casinos to choose from and the variety of games. Players can have a go at any game that they wish to out of the several available. There is an option for everybody, whether it is slots, roulette, versions of poker, craps, or blackjack.

Online casinos also have the additional benefit of rewards and bonus systems. The websites can offer tips such as an extra spin on the slots or extra credits to play more! Whatever the prize, it isn’t likely to be provided at a physical casino.


Like it was mentioned, gambling is banned in Japan. You can still find physical casinos, but all of these are usually illegal. Even online gambling is technically forbidden; however, there is no problem with offshore, foreign gambling sites.


Real money gambling is starting to become the most popular way of gambling. Whether someone likes online gambling or not, they can’t deny the ease and convenience. It is also more legal than any physical casino will be. So, there’s no point waiting; it is time to get gambling!