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5 Best Real Money Casino Games in 2021

Casino games have always been trendy. From the slots to the blackjack tables, the electrifying atmosphere was enough to make anybody stick around.

With the ban surrounding gambling in China, people have been forced to find alternative ways to play their favorite games, where online casinos came into play. Online casinos might not have the same atmosphere, but they’re convenient, easy to use, and accessible anywhere.

As long as you have a VPN to access these sites, you’re good to go! So, if you’re new to online gambling or are just looking for a new game to play, we’ve listed out the best real money games in 2021!


Playing the slots does not require strategy or quick thinking. The luck-based game with high risk and high reward is one of today’s most popular real money games. Any online casino that you choose to access will have a nominal fee and even have bonus tries. The best part is the money you win goes straight into your bank account!


Roulette, much like the slots, isn’t extremely strategic. With a little luck, the right online casinos, and some enthusiasm, you can make a whole lot of money. For these reasons, roulette has become extremely popular among online gamblers worldwide and in China as well!


There’s a trend, as you might have guessed, with the most popular real money games. The more comfortable, quicker, and better the rewards, the more popular the game. Blackjack, for these reasons, has gained popularity in the online gambling world.

Blackjack is a surprisingly simple game that is easy to pick up. You start with two cards, and with a little luck and some quick decisions, you can have a large payout. Blackjack tables come in a variety of forms in online casinos. There are even options for a video dealer who will deal live for you to play; it doesn’t get better than that!


Video Poker

Much like physical casinos, poker remains extremely popular in the online gambling world. Video poker is a lot like regular physical poker but adapted to the online gambling community. There are several options for the game, and players can customize it how they like.

Video poker is almost precisely like standard poker in that it combines the best of the physical skill required and the ease of online casino games. The best part is that the payout is the same, possibly even better with the lowered house edges!


Sports Betting

Sports betting isn’t a casino game that you can find, but it has become a popular real money game. Whether it is India or China, you’ll find yourself betting on sports through apps such as Dream 11.

These apps aren’t complicated and don’t require any detailed knowledge, but they might help. With a nominal fee, one can place a bet on an ongoing match or create their fantasy team to earn a reward.

While the game concept is not new, the popularity of sports betting has undoubtedly jumped in 2021.


The ease of online casino games combined with making significant amounts of money make real money games all the better. With this list of fun, it’s time for you to get started on the winnings!