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Tips for Beginners to Win at Free Slots

When people start gambling online, they think that winning is possible only if luck is on their side. Well, luck does play a vital role in sealing a win. However, it is not the only factor.

Players can use some modern and traditional tricks to influence their slots’ results in Japanese slots games.

The key to winning for beginners is using a suitable betting strategy and choosing the right slots game. Factors such as the bet size, number of paylines, slot type, stopping time, and gamble feature often impact a round of free slots online.

So, if you’re a beginner, these tips are sure to get you winning some big bucks without much trouble!

Play Slots with High RTP Values

Most free online slots have similar RTP rates ranging across a variety of bets. The ideal RTP you should play at should fall between 85% and 99%. Such RTP rates are found only in the best and reliable slots games.

Sometimes, when players select bet types or machines with a low RTP value, they tend to be at a disadvantage even before the actual bet is placed. So, it is better to avoid making this mistake by selecting an appropriate slots reel.

Manage Volatility

Free slots in Japan have a double-up feature wherein you can easily double your total winnings. In most slots games, you can opt for this feature a few times in one row. Moreover, this feature helps enhance the volatility of the game, making it easier to exchange small wins for less high-value wins.

If you want to win a bigger payout, you can choose the double-up feature in your Japanese slots game to multiply your winnings. Since this is a straightforward simulation to manage an entirely predictable bet on, it makes your game more thrilling.

However, it is better not to bet using bonus money while making use of the double-up feature. Even though it will yield similar results, you may violate the online gambling platform’s bonus terms and conditions.

Reduce Winlines 

Always study win lines before placing a bet. Once you have the win lines figured, set it at one instead of 10. This trick helps you get higher volatility (at least six to ten times more) and increases your chances of getting a higher payout. 

For instance, if you bet $3 per line, you will achieve a higher win than what you would have achieved with a $2 bet on ten different lines.


Free slots are easy, quick, and extremely exciting. However, if you want to win a bigger payout or hit the jackpot, you may have to take a few risks. Moreover, you will also need to influence your game’s volatility and use the double-up feature wisely.

While this may seem like a lot to take in, once you play free slots a couple of times, you will find it easier to strategize, bet and win. So, grab your free spins and indulge yourself in an exhilarating game of Japanese free slots!